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Values Based Investing

Incorporating ESG Into Portfolios <strong>&#160;</strong>

Incorporating ESG Into Portfolios  

BPG Wealth Management is a full service, multi-generational financial planning firm that serves families, business owners, executives, young professionals, and those looking for guidance to simplify their financial life. 

Since the very beginning, our driving principals have been built around our goal of planning for generations. As a result. we are committed to doing our part to support sustainability for future generations, and an important aspect of this is our investment offerings. 

We have a strong desire to support businesses whose views are in line with ours, and we know that you do too. We offer ESG, Impact Investing, and Socially Responsible Screening options to afford you the opportunity to vote with your dollars and invest in companies that promote diversification and sustainability for our futures.


Carbon Emissions

Waste Management

Green Buildings


Human Rights

Gender and Racial Diversity

Data Protection & Privacy 


Compensation Structure

Board Structure

Risk Management

Imbedding ESG into Our Process

Our ESG Strategy is guided by the same time tested, rules-based investing principles that we rigorously and consistently apply across all portfolios and all client relationships. This results in portfolios that are consistent with your goals and beliefs.


Imbedding ESG, SRI and Impact Investing into Our Business

We believe that our sustainability goes hand in hand with the sustainability of our environment and have built our practice to reflect that.

  • Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
    Our team makes an intentional effort to buy from local firms to reduce shipping cost and has embedded technology into the client experience to offer more paperless options and virtual meetings.

  • Diverse Perspectives From a Diverse Team
    With a unique balance of generational and gender diversity and a mix of different cultures and backgrounds, our team members each provide a distinct perspective in our dedication to our client’s needs.

  • Independent of Influence
    As an independent advisory firm, we have the freedom and flexibility to select products and solutions without external influences

Faith Based Investing 

Faith-based investors want to generate returns by choosing investments that align with their religious beliefs and values. These investment strategies incorporate a screening process that filters out companies that have policies inconsistent with Christian values.  These screens include:

  • Life-Filtering companies involved in the abortion industry
  • Stewardship- filtering out companies involved with gambling related activities
  • Purity- filtering out companies involved in pornography
  • Longevity- filtering out companies involved in the tobacco industry
  • Marriage- recognizing companies that affirm the marriage covenant


Align your investments with your views