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Business Planning

As a business owner, you face many challenges to achieving success. The time and energy you must commit to your business can be substantial.

Comprehensive Services

We want to make your business more profitable by providing quality and tax-advantaged benefits that help both you as well as your employees.

We will work with you to identify your business goals and recommend strategies that can help you get there.

As your financial partner who cares deeply about your success, we work with you to strategize and recommend how you can recruit, retain and reward your businesses and employees.

Our Business Planning Services

Business Continuity + Exit/Succession Planning

  • Understand Options for a Sale or Transition
  • Control how and when you exit
  • Ensure the continuity of the business and promote its survival and growth
  • Buy/ Sell Consulting Review
  •  Key Person Life Insurance Review
  • 101(j) Compliance Review

Corporate Asset Management Services

  • Asset allocation & portfolio analysis
  • Access to Institutional Money Management
  • On-going evaluation & review
  • Working Capital and Cash Management

Group Benefits Plans

  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance

Exit/Succession Planning

When the time comes to sell your business or pass it on to a family member, we can help you plan for the transition. We provide consulting services and strategic advice for transitioning your business through a sale, merger, acquisition, or succession, and help you develop a plan to preserve your assets for future generations.

A business succession plan is designed to help ensure that your business will continue according to your vision. The plan also provides strategies to minimize the tax burden when transferring the business to your successors.

Your succession plan can help you:

  • Control how and when you exit
  • Achieve your personal, financial and business goals
  • Analyze cash flow needs
  • Remain control 
  • Maximize the value of your company 
  • Minimize, defer, or eliminate taxes
  • Stay up to date with new tax laws that can affect your situation
  • Promote and preserve family harmony 
  • Reduce employee uncertainty and retain key employees 
  • Ensure the continuity of business and promote its survival and growth 

Protection for your Business 

We can help you find the right kind and amount of insurance coverage your business needs to give you lasting peace of mind. Our insurance solutions are designed to protect yourself, your business and your employees. Using our internal and third party relationships, we help you sort through a variety of cost-efficient options that offer protection against many kinds of business risk, including the death of a key employee.

Our business protection services include:

  • Life Insurance policy review, evaluation and benchmarking
  • Needs analysis and product determination 
  • Life, Disability Income, and Long-Term Care Insurance 
  • Buy/Sell, Split Dollar and Key Person Life Insurance
  • Group Life and Disability Insurance 
  • Disability Buy/Out, Business Loan protection 

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