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Personal Investment Advisory Services

We work closely with you to understand your specific goals and priorities to facilitate the construction of an investment portfolio that is dependent on your unique risk preference, time horizon and needs.

  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction
  • Traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s and IRA Rollovers
  • Tax-Harvesting programs
  • Values Based Investing programs
  • Mutual Funds
  • 529 College Savings Plans
  • Alternative Investments
  • Variable Annuities with Lifetime Income Guarantees
  • Fixed Immediate Annuities

Why Professional Investment Management?

Achieving your goals may take more than money. It likely requires planning, a long-term vision, and investment know-how. When it comes to your financial goals, are you confident going at it alone?

1.  We can help you avoid emotional mistakes

Letting emotions like skepticism, fear, and overconfidence make your decisions can be detrimental to achieving your desired financial goals. We can help prevent you from chasing returns when influenced by one or all of the following natural tendencies:

Tendency to buy high and sell low

When markets go up we tend to buy-positive perception. When the markets go down we tend to sell-negative perception.

Positive feelings can lead investors to believe there is higher potential and lower risk associated with an investment. Negative feelings have the opposite effect, causing fear of lower returns and increased risk. Put simply, when scared, investors tend to run and when they are confident, they want to buy.

Tendency to be influenced by those in your social network

Family and friends may have good intentions when sharing their financial views. Unfortunately, this bias may influence an investor to make decisions based on the emotions of those closest to them,which may not be aligned with their goals. The same may hold true for what may be seen or heard on financial news (made for traders and not investors) and social media.

2.  Manager Selection, Due Diligence and Monitoring

Our team spends many hours’ researching and selecting the managers we recommend to our clients. We have narrowed down the ones that we feel are “best of breed” of what they do based on the specific goal we are trying to accomplish.

On an ongoing basis we are reviewing their performance, talking with the management team and attending due diligence meetings to make sure their strategy is still in line with our client’s objectives.

3. Tax-Aware Investment Advice*

Did you know that taxes can weigh down your taxable portfolio returns? The negative effect of taxes on investments is called tax drag. It can gradually erode your annual returns in the accumulation phase as well as be a big cost in the distribution phase. Tax drag can have detrimental impact on your ability to achieve your long-term investment goals.

We take into account the tax implications with the recommendations we make and help coach you on the pros and cons of each individual portfolio and so you can seek best possible after-tax returns.

4.  Keeping Your Allocation As Planned

If you’re not working with an advisor, it’s possible you may not have or follow a consistent rebalancing policy. 

What is rebalancing? Technically, it is the periodic buying and selling of assets in portfolio to maintain  an originally planned asset allocation. It is a strategy used to help keep your portfolio near its target allocation.

For example, assume you have selected a portfolio whose value is made up of 60% stocks and 40%bonds. Assuming a year of positive stock performance, your portfolio’s value may now be comprised of 70% stocks and 30% bonds. Rebalancing would involve selling some stocks and buy some bonds to bring your portfolio back in balance to the original target allocation of 60% stocks and 40% bonds.

5.  Income Distribution Planning

Whether you’re taking ongoing monthly distributions, or you need money for a special purchase, we are there to guide you on which account or portfolio to take it from. We take into account your desires,needs and what’s going on in the markets to create a strategy that best fits your personal goals

6.  Assisting with Tax Preparation*

Tax season can often be stressful with all of the information you have to gather for your CPA or Tax Preparer. We try to make it easier on you by providing pdf’s of your 1099 statements to you and/or your Tax Professional. Reach out during tax season and we will happily help make life easier on you.

7.  Ongoing Investment Education, Questions, Comments and Concerns

You always have the right to call us if you hear something from a neighbor, family member, news article or story.  When the stakes are high, humans want to work with humans. If you don’t feel that's true, remember the last time the cable service went out on your TV during a big football game or a big soccer game or a big NASCAR race. You had to call your cable company and dial in to that robotic call-center phone tree to get assistance. And you dreaded doing it. So what did you do? If you’re like everyone else, you immediately punched the number zero on your phone, hoping to bypass the artificial intelligence of the phone tree and connect to a human. That was for a football game. Now replace that relatively trivial incident with the lay-awake-at-night issue of life savings. When the stakes are high, We believe we all long for humans—not robots—to get us through.

If you have any questions or concerns about your portfolio, it is your right to reach out. In fact, we expect you to. That’s your side of the agreement, that’ll you’ll always let us know if there’s something you want to talk about, and we’d be happy to schedule a call.

8.  Semi-Annual Market Update & Client Events

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*BPG Wealth Management does not provide specific tax advice as part of our services or offerings. Please consult your own tax advisor for guidance.

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