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“You don’t buy life insurance because you are going to die, but because those you love are going to live”

We insure many things in our lives – our cars, our homes, our health. But it can be so easy to forget to cover the most important asset we have: ourselves.

Life is unpredictable, and situations can change the blink of an eye. Protecting yourself with life insurance can cover the burden of debts, ongoing expenses, and loss of income, and provide those you love with peace and security.

We can help you review and select the most appropriate protection plans for your situation, analyze how much coverage you need, and review the current policies you already have in place.

Our Insurance Solutions Include:

Life Insurance Policy Reviews, Benchmarking and Agent of Record Services

It’s not uncommon for term, universal, variable universal or indexed universal life insurance to become underfunded after several years of not being reviewed or unexpectedly expire.  Factors such as time, changing crediting rates and underlying insurance charges can also cause policies to either underperform or outperform the original illustrated assumptions.  Also, due to a historically low interest rate environment, whole life and universal life insurance policies may have not had the dividend payouts or crediting rates that were initially expected.  An independent third-party life insurance review can help you understand the current health of your life insurance policy and provide actionable options to ensure that policy can continue to serve its original purpose; protection and death benefits for your family, business, or estate.   We can also provide agent of record services for policies no longer being serviced by the selling agent due to retirement. 

No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

We are able to provide healthy clients with excellent credit up to $2,000,000 of 10 to 30 year term life insurance coverage without needing to go through the full underwriting process.  We can provide instant quotes with applications that only take minutes to complete and once approved, clients can be insured instantly, saving time on the whole process.  Insurance coverage is through Ethos/Banner Life.


Accelerated & Full Underwriting Term Life Insurance

We shop several highly rated carriers to find the most competitive carrier that offers Accelerated Underwriting.  After we submit a ticket through the insurance company we agree to select, the client completes an electronic or phone interview.  If eligible, the approval process begins within 24-48 hours without an exam, blood work or medical records.  


Advanced Concepts using Term, Universal, Indexed Universal and Variable Universal Life Insurance

  • Buy/Sell Arrangements, Key Person Insurance & Estate Equalization
  • Deferred Compensation and Executive Bonus Plans (Golden Handcuff’s)
  • Private/Commercial Premium Financing and Split Dollar
  • Gifting, Survivorship & Trust Owned Life Insurance
  • Roth Alternative, Pension Maximization, Wealth Transfer and Life Insurance as an Asset
  • Group Life & Disability Insurance


Traditional Long Term Care Insurance and Hybrid Life/Long Term Care Insurance

For those unable to self-insure for Long Term Care expenses, we recommend purchasing Long Term Care Insurance after you reach age 60 to protect your family and your assets.  We then compare Traditional Long Term Care to a Hybrid Life Insurance Policy with a Long Term Care rider. Each policy has its own benefits and considerations, and we educate our clients which type may best suit their needs.


Risk Differentiation Underwriting for Affluent People*

In the classic life insurance paradigm, special-risk clients were typecast by standard actuarial tables even when their sophisticated clinical care should have favorably differentiated them from the norm. Now clients with a medical history can break free from that model, facilitated by a game-changing strategy called Risk Differentiation UnderwritingTM (RDU). This strategy is often used in cases where Key Person/Corporate Owned Life Insurance or Trust Owned/Survivorship Life Insurance is needed at favorable coverage levels and premiums that others simply cannot receive.  


Disability Income & Critical Illness Insurance

Through one of our strategic partnerships, we offer convenient and affordable disability insurance coverage to pay benefits if our clients are unable to work or become ill. We review current individual and/or group coverage that clients currently have and determine if supplemental coverage is needed to fill any gaps. Employer paid coverage typically provides 60% of income replacement but is often treated as 100% taxable income during the benefit period. For those in a 25% tax bracket, it reduces their actual benefit to 45% of their income, often warranting additional coverage to protect our client’s paycheck.

*RDU services are provided in partnership with Brokers’ Service Marketing Group (BSMG)

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