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A CPA Strategic Partner referred 50/50 Owners to discuss ideas and concepts to engage, mentor, incentivize and ultimately groom a key employee as a future partner and ultimate successor.

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BPG holds PubTalk’s for young, recently graduated and working individuals (Ages 21-30), that would like to learn more about the Stock Market, Investing Terminology, Budgeting, and their investing options to get a jump start on preparing for their future. The attendee had the goal of getting started investing as well as solidifying a strict budget to save money for the purchase of their first home.

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Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan

Service industry business owners (husband + wife) had a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan for
the company and were looking for a plan that allowed for higher contributions for themselves, as well as higher match limits to incentivize participants to contribute greater amounts, as well as recruit and retain key employees.

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