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Women's Wealth Wisdom: Leaving a Legacy

Women's Wealth Wisdom: Leaving a Legacy

November 15, 2023

How would you like to be remembered?  Your answer to this question is your legacy.

When I heard that the organization “Women Doing Well” was hosting a conference in Portland, OR for the first time, I did not think twice before signing up.   This one-day conference aimed to activate women of influence to live generously. Through this guided self-reflection, I identified:

  • My purpose
  • My passion
  • My values

I want to be remembered as someone who empowered women to believe that they are capable. One conversation at a time, and one woman at a time, I also want to help women to get to their financial independence on their own terms. 

How about you?  Now that you are financially independent, how would you like to use your time, skills, and heart? Giving can come in many forms. 

Ways to give of your talents and time

  • Because you have accumulated experience in your life,  consider sharing and applying that experience by sitting at a board of a non-profit or a company. Check out 5050 Women On Boards.
  • Write a book and professionally speak about what you have learned in life.
  • Find a cause that is near and dear to your heart and donate your time.

 Things to consider when giving your money

  • What is the right amount to give? Your financial plan could help you answer this question.
  • If you have a heart to give, consider how giving will affect your own finances. Can my portfolio handle the amount I am giving?
  • It is possible to give too much too soon, delaying financial independence.
  • Writing a check or donating assets to a cause can create tax deductions opportunities. You can donate directly to the non-profit or to a Donor Advised Fund. More information on this approach can be found here.
  • Consider taking a combined approach, giving of both time and financial resources.

Use this checklist to help you decide where to focus your charitable endeavors.

Checklist: Strategic Philanthropy

We would love to hear your story and your intent!  Set a time with us if you want to chat more about your impact.  It could also be a meaningful activity for your children and grandchildren to be involved in your legacy decision to help make the world a better place.