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Women's Wealth Wisdom: Nearing Retirement

Women's Wealth Wisdom: Nearing Retirement

July 19, 2023

What does nearing retirement mean to you?

You might be ready to close your current chapter and walk into your next. You might love what you do, but want to know that you have the option to stop working, even if you choose to continue to contribute to your organization/business. Regardless of your direction, it takes planning, saving hard, and investing smartly to get to that position.

As we help many women leaders build financial independence, we like to share the analogy that financial freedom is like having a light switch in your hand. “On” means continuing to work in exchange for income, even if there is no financial obligation to. “Off” means graciously choosing to stop working in order to serve other priorities, when making an income is no longer necessary. When you create independence, you call the shots, and you can flip the switch anytime you desire.

Where are you at on your financial roadmap?

Case Study: Ellen, Age 63

For those of you who have completed a financial plan and kept it up to date, we are meeting regularly to review to make appropriate adjustments based on what life is giving you.

For those who do not have an updated financial plan, it is never too late to begin. Yes, it might be fear-inducing or overwhelming. We have heard that fear and curiosity do not co-exist - we would suggest that you channel your curiosity and ask, “I wonder how I am doing?” You can use the attached checklist to kick off. Or, even better, seek professional advice - we are just an email or a call away.

What is one action you can take to begin? 

Retirement Readiness Checklist

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